The SFLindy Hotel

a.k.a. "The Fulton Fun House"

Guest Book

Welcome to the San Francisco Lindy Hotel.

The SFLindy Hotel has had on the order of 500 guests staying for thousands of guest nights. To avoid making this an unnecessary burden, we have some information that will hopefully make your stay more comfortable:

Guest Book
There is a guest book that you should sign when you arrive, DO IT NOW. A name, location, and why you're here will suffice.
We stay up late at the SFLindy Hotel. Please note this when making your reservation, if you need a quieter locale you might want to check with your housing co-ordinator.
Internet Access
If you have a laptop, Dave can give you the key for the DaveNet wifi. The 'Dig Dug' arcade cabinet (you are probably using it now) is available for guest browser. If you need it for something more, please talk to Dave, and do not shut the computer down. There are two light switches to the left of the front door. The right switch needs to be on for the computer monitor to work. The computer desks on the other side of the room run Dave's work and web site and CANNOT BE USED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Don't consider Dave's keyboard as a challenge. Seriously, DO NOT TOUCH DAVE'S WORK COMPUTER EQUIPMENT. Feel free to ask him why. Along the same lines, do not unplug any of Dave's computer equipment! Thanks!
Located via the only door in the ballroom besides the front door. Note that there is a bedroom that is only accessible via the bathroom. So, make sure to close both doors when you're in the bathroom, that's not just a closet. The shower is very touchy, turn it very slightly to find the sweet spot between scalding hot and freezing cold. In case of emergency (when Dave is awake) there is another bathroom available.
We have electronic entry at the SFLindy Hotel. Be sure to talk to us about access - this will get you into the garage. Head back to the door in the back of the garage, this is the downstairs entry. You must close the garage door after you come through, there's a button at the door.
Grab a towel from the bathroom and place it with your stuff. Follow the advice of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy and be sure to know where your towel is - so do not keep your towel in the bathroom. If you keep your towel in the bathroom, it will be tossed in the laundry and you will be towelless.
There is bedding in the crates in the foosball table room. Use what you need.
Feel free to use the kitchen, but PLEASE CLEAN UP. The counters should be clean and the sink should be empty. Dishes go in the dishwasher (at entry to kitchen) and pots/pans must be handwashed. If you need food, head up Fulton 2 blocks (towards higher numbers) to the grocery store.

Please do not leave any food in the kitchen without letting us know about it. It starts to rot, otherwise.

Feel free to use the stereo in the ballroom. We have no TV - if you want to use the CinemaDave theater, then ask Dave to show you how to use it.
Current residents (9/2008) are David Madison, Shannon Leonard, Ashley Bolan, Gweyn D'Arc, Mr. Peterson T. Cat. and Samsara

Daveola of GD & MH