Final chapter my ass. Here we go again!
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Posted by: Jessie

Date: 2008/10/07
From: Halifax
Event: Visiting My Dancing Home

Dave Dave Dave,

Well, another year, another visit, another romance (someone else.. ;). It'd be nice to stay longer than a few days next time. How generous you are to keep making your couch and rubik's cube available... maybe one day I can return the favor in Hali!!!!!


Posted by: jake haning

Date: 2008/10/09
From: austin, tx
Event: boogie by the bay 2008

thanks for letting us stay on such short notice

Posted by: Taletha

Date: 2008/10/10
From: Austin TX
Event: Boogie by the Bay


Thanks again for letting us stay. You have cool airplanes and a very cool cat.

Have a nice trip to Minnesota.


Posted by: Alf & Eli

Date: 2008/10/16
From: Norway
Event: Tourism

Thanks for letting us stay. SF rocks, I bet it's the only city with an official Lindy Hotel! Go Dave!

Posted by: Alf & Eli

Date: 2008/10/17
From: Norway
Event: Tourism

We're off to New York.

Thanks for letting us stay. We've had a great time in SF.

Hope we'll see you in Herrang, or maybe even sooner.

Give us a holler if you're visiting Trondheim.

Posted by: Lucky Skillen

Date: 2008/11/13
From: NYC
Event: FNB

Thanks for hosting me once again

Posted by: Ada Milby

Date: 2008/11/17
From: Columbus, OH
Event: N/A

Thanks so much Dave for opening your home to me! Just more affirmation to the hospitality of lindy hoppers evreywhere who understand we're all just trying to save money! Thank you!

Posted by: Eric

Date: 2008/12/07
From: From LA
Event: Tramping Nor Cal

Hey again! Can't get rid of me . . .

What's rent like?

Posted by: Reed Miller

Date: 2008/12/11
From: Los Angeles
Event: SF BalFest

Hi Dave--

Looking forward to the weekend

Posted by: Gayle

Date: 2008/12/12
From: Miami/Australia
Event: San Fran Bal Fest

Hi Dave! Thanks for letting the three of us stay! I'm sure we'll have a fantastic time dancing, hanging out, and scaring the dog =D

Posted by: Cassandra

Date: 2008/12/12
From: San Diego, CA
Event: Bal Fest

The journey from airport to Dave's is best done by BART, then cab, then plop on a couch. Any couch. There are a few to choose from.


Posted by: Liz Kmble

Date: 2008/12/14
From: New York
Event: SF Bal Fest

Thanks so much for your hospitality, Dave! It's been a great event so far and looking forward to great Sunday.


Posted by: Andrea Kugelman

Date: 2008/12/14
From: Tampa, FL
Event: SF Bal Fest

Hi Dave,

Thanks for letting us stay over! The event was tons of fun and we really appreciated having a place to stay!


Posted by: Leslie Anne

Date: 2008/12/19
From: Houston, TX
Event: David Madison


Posted by: Simon Lacoste-Julien

Date: 2008/12/23
From: Cambridge, UK
Event: Holiday break

Dave is an institution... Now that I am out of the country, I can at last enjoy the Fulton Fun House as an out-of-town guest! Thanks for the great hospitality as usual!

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